My Biggest Fan {31 Days of The Life Poetic, Day 15}


I almost gave up on this series. Somehow, time and days got away from me with no time for writing, and I started feeling uninspired. I'm not sure why-- maybe the series topic felt constricting, or irrelevant, or boring? I just felt unmotivated for a few days... okay, for almost a week.

And then, this morning, my mom came to visit while I went to the dentist (so glamorous, right?!) and when we were chatting after I got home, she mentioned that she was loving this series on my blog.

She said it was speaking to her right where she was, and suddenly... that was enough. One person! My mom!

In Julie and Julia, I always giggle when Julie first starts her blog, and her only comment is from her mom. Of course, her mom's comments weren't the most encouraging. Mine on the other hand has always been my biggest cheerleader. She reads faithfully, and even tells me where my typos are since I can't seem to self-edit very well.

It's nice knowing someone is in your corner. She's not the only one, I know. Many of you have been such sweet readers, commenters and friends (even if I've never met you) over the years and during this series.

And some of you I have met, and what a blessing to have been given your friendships thanks to something silly as a blog, or Instagram. One day, my kind neighbor friend read about my longing to be a writer (and my decision to be brave and call myself one) and then she dropped a book on my porch about writing. How sweet is that?

I'm truly thankful for each one of you that takes the time to read my thoughts and view my photos.

You inspire me to keep going on the days when the words and ideas don't flow naturally.

My "poetry" here feels valuable when I know there are readers out there snapping along with me.

Thanks, Mom!

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