My favorite handmade gifts to date

This week I got to take part in the Simplify Your Christmas Facebook party on the Art of Simple's page-- it was so fun! I was there to chime in about handmade gifts and I wanted to recap all the links I shared along with some of my favorite homemade gifts I've made. DSC_0015

Ice Cream-- yep! One year I created a creamy frozen treat in a flavor that was sure to please for several of my family members. It was so fun, and I think they enjoyed the fruits of my labor. I usually gift my ice cream in these simple cardboard containers.

memory game

Handmade Memory Game

Christmas Gifts

Tree Pillow


Hoop art

I shared these and more at Simple Homemade last year, where I also gave some cute ideas for buying handmade when making isn't possible (we only have so many hours in the day after all!).

And here's a sampling of what I made one given year (for kids, dudes, families, couples, and ladies), my 2009 handmade gifts, which includes the awesome play kitchen David made, and the beautiful tree pillow tutorial.

15+ handmade gift ideas

More ideas!

For kids:

For ladies:

For kids to make:

Giving gift cards? How about a handmade touch along with it in the form of a cute case. They can double later as a business card holder!

And for more ideas, here are a couple of my Pinterest boards: 

Homemade Gift Ideas


What's your favorite gift you've ever made? Who was it for?

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