Office in a Closet, Part 1

I recently repurposed a small closet to be my "office." It's not quite done yet, so before I show it to you, I thought I'd find some inspiration from others who have done the same.


The above one is just screaming my name. I love the color and the use of space. (And my husband would love the use of pegboard- he loves that stuff). It's full of stuff, but not too cluttered.


This one is a more clean, modern take.


Talk about cramming lots in a small space! I love the ingenuity here!


I tore this idea out of my Martha mag long ago, feeling inspired by it's simplicity and element of surprise. It's not so much of an office in a closet as hidden craft storage/workspace. Maybe someday I'll have a secret craft cabinet like this. Martha even has the full DIY directions!

Even CNN has a little gallery of these closet-office gems.

Stay tuned for my finished version, sometime in the near future.

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