On joining The Thank You Note Project

Writing thank you notes is one of the good habits I've retained that my mom taught me growing up. Doing the dishes right away? Not so much. But I try to be good about thank you notes. I've gotten a bit lazy since having three kids though, and I often drag out the note-writing process after birthdays and holidays before finally finishing. Thank you note time... And signing all of our names together for the first time. :)

But do I ever just write a thank you note for the heck of it? Thank you notes don't have to just be in response to receiving a gift and yet, that is generally the only time when I write them. 

This year, I'm going to start the month of November off right, since it is a month where we generally feel more thankful anyway.

I was inspired by Amy of Coffee & Sunshine, who has started The Thank You Note Project who says she realized "how easy it is to not be thankful in day-to-day life." I feel the same way. I've recorded things I'm grateful for here on the blog before but this coming month, I'm going to take time to write to people to tell them I am thankful for them.

I haven't figured out if I'm going to do a note every day or what, but I'm excited for the challenge. Each time I write to someone, I will thank God for putting that person in my life, because indeed He has given me a lot of people gifts.

Written words are so powerful. This year for David's birthday I rounded up letters from family and friends near and far and bound them all in a book of love for him. The letters were beautiful.

Happy Birthday to mi amor! I was thrilled to give David his book of "love letters" from family members and friends he's know over the years. He just loved it and will cherish reading them all today while he's at the hospital with his dad. For all the deta

I haven't even read them all yet because I wanted him to have time to soak them in, but as he sat in the hospital on the day of his 31st birthday and waited on his dad to receive a stem-cell transplant for his leukemia, David was able to read through the book and just feel loved.

I was indeed thankful to my bloggy friend Rebekah who first had this idea as it greatly blessed my man on his birthday. And of course, many thanks go out to all who wrote to him.

And now? I begin my own letter writing.

Care to join in for The Thank You Note Project?

P.S. Amy is a high school friend of my husband's and I'm so glad I found out she's a fellow blogger, too!

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