So, we bought a house. !!!!!

To say this is monumental is an understatement. After three months with my parents (so thankful), we are ecstatic to get back into our own place (and I'll get my "winter" clothes out of storage-- yes!). Owning our own place has long been a desire of my heart, but it's something I wasn't sure would ever happen. Our home community, where we feel called to live at this time, is one of the most expensive areas of the county (maybe the country even?).

But through the Lord's provision and in His perfect timing, we are finally going to be home-owners. After nine and a half years of marriage we will finally paint the walls, and I will buy a cute, custom return-address stamp.

So what's it like? It's a condo, actually. Smaller than the home we left, but it will be OURS. I am beyond thankful for the opportunity, and for the excitement of colored walls and a new place to make into our home and for doors than can be swung wide open in hospitality.

It's halfway between our old house and our home before that, two places (about a half-mile apart) where we left great neighbors. It's next door to close friends (I know, right?!!). It's back in our beloved beach community. So blessed.

It's not exactly our dream home. But you know what? I'm not sure we will ever live in that on this side of eternity. The idea of a dream home could easily be an idol for me and in the words of my dear pastor, I know that the Lord will not allow anything in this world to give me the satisfaction that only He can really provide. We want to live in His will, and we are stoked at the place He has provided for us.

We are so excited to make the most of the space we have there and cultivate a home that reflects our mission and values.

Escrow closed today (!!!) and next week we will get the keys, and (hopefully before we move in) will shortly thereafter get a railing built on the open staircase so that our daredevil baby doesn't dive bomb off the side of the stairs onto the wood floors. Pictures to come (edited: of the house, not the dive-bombing baby- we hope to avoid that). ;)

We are beyond grateful for my parents as they put up with our craziness for a couple more weeks here, for the tireless efforts our friend and real estate agent Jason (and our lender as well), for everyone that has prayed for us over the last few months, and of course, for God, from whom all blessings flow.

Soli Deo gloria.

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