Pinterest to Real Life: January 2014

I'm so excited for our first Pinterest showcase! Since I haven't shared one of these posts since last March, I figured I would just recap some of my favorite pins that I've been inspired by over the last several months. If you're new to this series, you can read all about how it works here.

Pinterest to Real Life: January 2014

Things made and done

Dyed eggs naturally.

Found costume inspiration for Angelina Ballerina and Waldo (made her rosette like this but sadly we lost it!).

Spruced up our patio with an outdoor chalkboard door.

Got together with girlfriends to make string art on reclaimed wood.

Helped Gigi learn to finger knit.

Although, she would rather rainbow loom. :) Good thing she made a homemade loom with her dad!

Attempted an ocean-inspired calming glitter jar, but we need more fine glitter in ours.

Interviewed the kids about Dad, Papa & Granpa (love this tradition).

New favorite recipes


I also made a lot of use out of the stuff I pinned to my learning board in our homeschooling-- so far it's mostly pre-k, kinder and 1st grade stuff). This weekend I'm hosting my first Favorite Things party with the girls from my community group, and I can't wait! David and I created a five-year plan and I figured out that I'm a renaissance soul.

Writing these posts helps me keep track of what I do (and thereby feel more productive- happy sigh) so I'm really looking forward to the monthly habit of taking stock of my pins. And you know what? Some months I don't do much with my pins. And that's okay, too! The last thing I want this challenge to do is put more pressure on us. But I know from past experience that it gives me just enough of a kick in the pants to get doing.

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Now it's your turn!

Leave a comment, telling us what did in real life after being inspired to pin and repin. If you're linking up, here are a few guidelines.

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