Quintessential Summer Day

1. Lazy morning {I "slept in" while David watched the World Cup and fed Brody}.

2. Watch the Dodgers play a day game on TV while lounging around and doing some laundry.

3. Pick up an amazing box of fresh produce (cherries! strawberries! cucumbers! etc!).

4. Bike-riding out front.

5. Meet friends at the neighborhood pool.

6. Dinner at the beach at our church's weekly beach night.

7. First time surfing since last fall {including one really good wave!}.

8. Hodge-podge bowl of leftover homemade ice cream.

9. I love summer.

10. Thank you, Lord for an awesome day.

A Father's Day Sunday Treat: Banana Nut Pancakes with Berry Syrup

Blueberry Honey Ice Cream? Not Quite Yet.