IMG_0127 My blog thoughts have been bouncing around in my brain lately, but I've been having a hard time finding a chance to actually sit down and write (other than what I've been working on for Simple Organic).

So, first, a few bloggy things.

I started a little place to share some little bits of inspiration on Tumblr. If you use it too, you can follow me there, or just check in periodically for some fun. Last year I tried the 365 Project (a photo a day) and made it to October (until pregnancy hit). This is a more casual way to collect photos I take or just like, in addition to cool links, favorite verses or quotes and whatever else I fancy. I'll hopefully add a button to the blog linking to it soon.

I also played around with a fun newish site called where you can create your about-type landing page. Fun. Here's mine. Here's my cool brother's.


I'm learning about more and more cool So Cal bloggers. I recently met up with Jessica from Life as Mom for a play date, and it was so fun to connect with her in real life. Well, this fall, I'll get to meet even more sweet peeps when I head up to my old stomping grounds of Orange County to hit up Blog Sugar. I'm really excited.

I was just thinking about how fun the swap I participated in a while back was, and then caught wind of one that Heather of Blessed Little Nest is putting together for a Hoop Art Swap! I joined up right away, and I think there's a bit of time left to sign up if you want to, too.

Let's see... what else...

Oh yeah, a few really random thoughts:

  1. I love trips that end on Saturday, where you still get a day at home to recover before starting the week (the one we just took to Arizona, was not such a trip unfortunately).
  2. I love to walk, but am SO out of walking shape. I guess pregnancy will do that to you. Time to start stepping it up and getting myself back in shape a bit for labor (!!).
  3. Speaking of pregnancy, I'm now 26 weeks. I'm heading in for a fancy 3D (or is it 4D? what's the difference anyways?) ultrasound on Friday. I never thought I would do one of these, since I find them a bit creepy, but I was offered a chance to do it for free, as a "model" for ultrasound training with a friend, so I figured, why not!
  4. I got a bit of spending money for my birthday and here's what I spent it on: a sweet Pyrex food storage set, a book, some embroidery supplies, and lastly, I'll be finally getting a copy of Simple Blogging and One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are .


And speaking of a thousand gifts, here are a few I'm thankful for this week (55-61)...

warm, sunny afternoons

family vacations


almost a year with my sweet baby boy

our church family

being totally inspired toward a life of community (more on this soon)

the new place we found to rent (moving in less than a month!)

How's that for a totally random post? I'm thinking my next post might be a little more coherent. Maybe. ;)

Project Restyle #1

{this moment}