Recently... in life and in the blogosphere

Untitled I think I've sort of started a series around here, seeing as how this is my third installment of Recently... (see here and here). We all know how terrible I am at following through with a blog series though, so I'm hesitant to commit to a new one.  This is practical for a seemingly non-blogging blogger like myself though. At least this way I'm still journaling my life a bit (and it appears I'm not the only one who updates in list-form, so that is cool).

I actually took photos for September's 10 on 10, but seeing as how that was fifteen days ago, I guess I'll go ahead and let go of that blog post. ;)

That top photo was from our amazing Indian Summer camping weekend on the beaches of San Onofre... the military base beach, that is, otherwise known as The Campground That Essentially Ruins All Other Campground Experiences Because of its Sheer Awesomeness. Already can't wait till next years church family camping trip.

On the home front...

We're a few weeks in with homeschooling and so far, we really like it. I love that Gigi gets to go to her charter school two days a week, and I equally love the flexibility of having her home three days a week. She's super into doing her schoolwork at home and the stuff we've been doing has been so fun. I'll try to post more later on what that looks like for us.

More parcheesi... and popcorn!

I'm on a major researching kick. I'm wasting spending many hours over the last couple of days figuring what a diet shift is going to look like for our family.  We're exploring primal/lacto-paleo options, partly for general health/energy and partly to see how it would affect some behavioral issues with Gigi to remove most of her grains and even more processed foods/sugars than we already try to avoid.

We're also reading a couple of books that we are hoping are going to be really helpful... The Explosive Child, for specific understanding of how Gigi is wired and deals (or doesn't) with things, and Give Them Grace, for general gospel-centered parenting guidance.

Good morning! (real talk: this moment didn't last more than 5 minutes, but it was sure sweet)

Oh! and speaking of the home front, we are officially living with my parents... indefinitely. The condo we were trying to buy fell through and there is nothing available in our old neighborhood, where we really want to be. So. Just praying and waiting on the Lord's provision and timing.

In the midst of that, David's dad is going to be having a stem-cell transplant that will hopefully cure his leukemia in mid-October. So we are praying that it indeed is successful, and we're super thankful that he became a Christian two years ago, and now has the peace of God's sovereignty to carry him through all this heavy medical stuff.

In the blogosphere...

I'm taking a break from publishing on Simple Homemade this month, just focusing on editing, admin and prep for a big October, when I will be doing an intense series, 31 Days of Sewing School. I'm excited, and also nervous that my procastinating self will be able to follow through with it.

Recent favorite posts on Simple Homemade, from August-- 

Bonus random {totally important unimportant} fact: I deleted 28 albums from iTunes today in hopes of ransoming a bit of SPACE on my sloooooow, yet beloved, Macbook.

So that's what's new around here. See y'all next month. Joke!! Joke! I hope to be back sooner than a month this time (famous last blogger words).


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