Sewing School is coming soon: what do you want to learn?

While I consider myself a crafty gal, one who dabbles at many creative pursuits, I am definitely not proficient at them all. My go-to strong suit is by far sewing, probably because I have been doing it the longest. But I know many of you are novices, or maybe have never even touched your inherited sewing machine. That's why I want to take you to school! Sewing school, that is.

A love for sewing

I come from a legacy of sewistas. [side note: I don't think that's officially a word, but I know sewist is and I like to put my own Spanglish touch on it and say sewista. Seamstress sounds a little too professional to me, and professional I am not. I am also not alone in my consideration of this.]

Back to my legacy, my mom is an accomplished sewista and quilter. She made my wedding dress, and almost all my bridesmaid dresses, prom dresses, etc. She has made many of the quilts in my house along with many other sewn items. My grandma was a talented sewista as well. I would love to virtually introduce you to them in the future. My mother-in-law is another who loves to sew, and is darn good at it.

So sewing is sort of in my blood. I took a beginning class in elementary school, and then from there on out had my personal tutor, mom, showing me whatever I needed to know... mostly for those ever-important projects of scrunchies and doll clothing.

I took breaks where I didn't do much sewing (during high school for example), and in my adult years have really fallen in love with the ability to create something with a piece of fabric and some thread.

Time to learn together

I've noticed that whenever I've posted a sewing tutorial, I've gotten comments from readers expressing that they wish they could sew or that they want to learn.

What better time to learn a bit about sewing that during back-to-school season? If this season is too busy for you, I'll hope you'll read along and pin these posts for the future, but if you're ready to learn, I want to get your input on what to include in our series.

I also want to acknowledge that many of you may be accomplished sewistas already. If that's the case, there is always more to learn and we can always glean from each other, so I hope you'll come to school with us as well and leave your input in the comments.

Today, I'd love for you to chime in here in the comments.

What would you like to learn about here in Sewing School? Are you a novice, intermediate, or advanced sewista? What kind of projects would you like to learn how to do? Do you want to learn to make clothes, gifts, or just sew a straight line? Do you need advice picking out equipment/tools or have questions about your machine? Let us know, and I'm looking forward to getting our little school in session.

Local friends, join me for a cup of coffee!

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