Silver and Gold, Special Edition

As much as I love the internet and reading blogs, I still love flipping through the real deal... colorful, tangible inspiration, with pages I can dog-ear and tear out {I also have enjoyed these ads from the Magazines: The Power of Print campaign}.

These are the favorites that you'll find stacked on my coffee table.


{my favorite} Since I live in the west, this mag is perfect for me. I love getting a little escape when I read their travel pieces or to be inspired as I admire the beautiful landscapes and homes they showcase, plus their recipes are easy and delicious. My sweet hubby always says he could see me writing for them someday. :)

Martha Stewart Living

No matter how many prison quips David makes, I just love Martha. Her "Good Things" section is probably my favorite part, and I am always inspired by the creativity that is applied to all aspects of life by her staff. Her recipes can be a bit daunting, but they are truly delicious, and always include real food ingredients. The photography in her mag is top-notch and the layout and typography are beautiful, too.

Everyday Food

Thanks to one of those surveys you come across where you can get a free yearly mag subscription, I happened upon this Martha mag, which is probably my favorite of 2010. I have been making recipe after recipe from these little gems, at least a couple a week when I'm on my cooking game. My daughter loves flipping through them, too, since they are just her size.


And finally, a new favorite that I can't wait to start receiving every other month. A friend of mine passed on a few of hers and I fell in love. I was stoked when I found the subscription listed as something I could redeem my Pampers points for! ReadyMade is all about creating, and they feature lots of repurposing, too, which I love.

little known fact: I do enjoy flipping through my husband's Sports Illustrated mags, too. Ladies, did you know SI will happily not send their swimsuit issue, if you just call and request to skip it? My husband has been doing this for years. He'd much rather get an extra sports issue than poison his eyes (and mind) with that trashy one.

What magazines do you love for page-turning inspiration?

Great Recipe over at Simple Organic

Have you missed me?