Silver and Gold, Vol. II

Silver and Gold is a hopefully-weekly series where I'm sharing my favorite blogs with you, the old and the new.

This week's gold pick (an old fave) is...

Joy's Hope.

I love Julie's blog. Actually, I love Julie. I met her once for about five minutes, but otherwise, I've just grown to love her through her simple yet witty style of writing, her creativity and her love for the Lord. She has an amazing story, three beautiful daughters and a talent for inspiring craftiness {visit her shop}. Joy's Hope is probably the only blog I read every time I open my reader and see a new post.

And for silver, here's one that's relatively new to me...

Craft Hope.

Craft Hope Spreading seeds of hope one stitch at a time

Craft Hope is more than a blog. It's a community of crafters committed to the cause of helping others. I can't believe I didn't find it before now, but I really look forward to joining in one of the projects in the future {there's been seven so far}. Craft Hope is headed up by Jade, who's blog I also just happened upon, Chikaustin. I've only just started reading Jade's blog but it does look inspiring. Jade has also put together the Craft Hope book, coming out in August-- can't wait for that!

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