Silver and Gold, Vol. III

sunset in menifee Silver and Gold is a hopefully-weekly series where I’m sharing my favorite blogs with you, the old and the new.

Inspiration feels like my theme word these days. I've been feeling constantly inspired lately. {Speaking of which, have those of you who subscribe in a reader or read on Facebook seen my blog's little redesign?} Anyways, this week I'm sharing with you two ever-inspiring blogs. Enjoy!

Here's my gold pick (old fave) this week...


After Simple Mom, this was one of the first blogs I started reading. SouleMama is written by Amanda Soule, an amazingly unique and crafty mama. She's written two books (with one more on the way), that I absolutely love, and is a mom of four little ones. Her home (and her blog) is filled with handmade and vintage clothes and treasures, homemade food, a love for the outdoors and art, photography and even a little baseball. Oh, and Amanda single-handedly inspired me to learn to knit, too. I'm still learning but she is a constant inspiration with that, and in general. If you haven't read her blog before, you'll be glad to check her out today!

And a new silver favorite, too...

Pure and Noble.

The fun thing about this blog is that it is written by a real-life friend of my real-life friend. :) A couple of months ago, my friend Stephanie suggested I check out her friend Brooke's blog, and well, I was hooked. Pure and Noble is full of inspiration-- of the design persuasion and also just the sweet thoughts of a Texas mama. In her About Me section, Brooke says, "Looking to life and God to inspire me on a daily basis. Pure and Noble is my outlet to focus on things that are pure, lovely, admirable and worthy of praise. The goal is to share with others and hopefully inspire them." And inspire them, she does! I've already gotten a few good ideas from her and look forward to many more. Be sure to visit Brooke when you have a few minutes!

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