Silver and Gold, Vol. IV

Silver and Gold is a hopefully-weekly series where I’m sharing my favorite blogs with you, the old and the new. Today I want to start with another one of the Golds that I've been reading for a long time.

Small Notebook.

Small Notebook is written by the lovely Rachel, and is an awesome resource for simple living. She lives in Texas (man, there are so many good blogs coming out of Texas!) and has two darling kiddos. Occasionally her husband even makes an appearance on the blog. A few of the things that have inspired me from Rachel's blog are her apartment gardening skills, the sweet shared room her kids have (my two will be sharing in the near future) and her frugal lifestyle.

I love what Rachel says about her goals for her home and her blog:

  • keep our lives simple and focused
  • nurture our relationships
  • learn practical skills such as gardening and cooking
  • make smart decisions for our money
  • enjoy peace during a hectic day

If you haven't read Small Notebook before, it's totally worth a click over!

I recently found this next site, this week's Silver, by way of Simple Living Media...


photo by Renee Tougas

FIMBY might sound like a strange name for a blog, until you hear what it stands for: Fun In My Backyard. Author Renee Tougas and her family are Canadians living in Maine (thanks, Renee for correcting me!) and do all sorts of fun things (including a weekly family hike every Saturday!). Renee is a very talented photographer and she also makes her own soap among other handmade things.

I'm not a homeschooler (yet?) but Renee's blog is a great resource for home education (she also contributes to the blog Simple Homeschool). She describes her family as

writers, designers, artists, gardeners, engineers, homemakers, naturalists, sewists, adventurers, readers, soapmakers, programmers, idealists, photographers, problem solvers, outdoor enthusiasts and followers in the way of Christ.

Head over to FIMBY where you'll be sure to be inspired.

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