Silver and Gold, Vol. V

DSC_0002 Silver and Gold is a series where I’m sharing my favorite blogs with you, the old and the new.

It's been a while, but I do have more favorites to share! I don't know about you, but sometimes when I go to my reader it's like visiting with friends. Granted, I don't personally know many of these friends, but we get to know each other so intimately through blogging a lot of the time. I'm thankful for all the ways I've been inspired and encouraged through other bloggers.

Some of these are old and some are new, but here's a little list of a few more of my current favorites that I've been reading a lot of lately...

I meat Lisa at BlissDom a couple of years ago, and she is such a sweetheart. In addition to her amazing jewelry, she also takes beautiful photos. Here posts are always inspiring... a quick read, some amazing camera shots and some fun and sweet words.

Looking for some encouragement for your role as a mom? This is the place to be. I'm not sure how I stumbled over, but I always find inspiration and motivation here. Right now I'm working on my mission statement with Kat's free eBook, and she also has another one called Maximize your Mornings. Good stuff!

Well, my loyal readers, friends and family all know how much I LOVE Joy. I've made dozens of her recipes and they are a-mazing. She's funny, honest, and also takes beautiful photos of food, which I love. Look no further than Joy, if you need a yummy recipe and a smile!

This is a really fun blog where the author, Deanna, shares her vintage finds, and lots of repurposing projects. She's got tutorials, ideas all stemming from a vow to not buy new clothes for a year, something that I've been considering myself!

I found Tiny Twig by way of another blog, and fell in love with the adventure that the anonymous author is trying to live. She is a sweet, creative mommy of two in Indiana and I'm constantly inspired by her drive to live by "creating a spark" wherever she goes.

Head here to read the others I've mentioned, and there are still more to come.

Do you have any bloggy friends to share with me?

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