Supernatural Mommy Power

Supernatural Mommy Power

I'm a very hard sleeper. I grew up in Southern California and as a kid I slept through almost every major earthquake we had, not to mention rain, thunder, and any other loud noise. In college, this was an awesome talent as I shared a room all four years, and was never bothered by a stirring roommate with classes earlier than me.

But as I neared the end of my pregnancy, I started wondering if I would have trouble hearing my crying baby in the middle of the night. Seriously, even if she was in the cradle five feet from my bed, I was worried I wouldn't wake up. Not to mention the fact that I pretty much need my eight ours of sleep to feel like I can function in the morning.

Sure enough, though, she was born, and literally, the mom in me just clicked on. I try to explain this to friends who are expecting the first time, but it's even a little hard to explain. I truly believe that there is an ability or power built intrinsically into our intelligent design to be able to be a mother.

No, it's not always beds of roses, and I surely do not always know what to do instinctively. But I will tell you that, amazingly enough, I do wake up to the sound of my daughter stirring in her bed (forget crying, her movements wake me sometimes!), and it was surely supernatural that I was able to function on such little sleep in those early weeks of motherhood.

Thank you, Lord, for the gift of being a mommy, and for your supernatural gifts.

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