The years are short, but the days are indeed long.

Sometimes I find myself reading frantically simply because I want to finish a book. I have a tendency to read several books at once and there are so many more books I want to read that I seem to be just trying to get through.

That's how life feels right now, too. I've got so many needs to fill (including but definitely not limited to my own) and so much I'm looking forward to in the future (not changing diapers?)-- that I'm often living just to get through.

Survival mode. That's where I'm finding myself these days.

Nap time!

I know it's just a phase. But I'm longing, I'm trying, to soak in the days instead of counting down the minutes until everyone's needs are met and the day is done.

Sometimes all I want to do is snuggle my little baby before she starts crawling away (time is flying by), but wait! I can't because the Four Year Old just tried to "help" the One Year Old do something and instead he smacked his head on the floor and now is wailing. {sigh}

We constantly muse about (in retrospect) how easy one baby was.... but quite frankly it was also, in a sense, boring compared to this crazy, full life we have now. So we quickly utter words of gratitude in those moments, for where we are in this journey of family and life, right now.

Quiet time for the mama

Praise the Lord for our mostly quiet afternoons around here. The days when I get to take a breather and have a few minutes of rest are indeed blessed. If we're home, as we are most days in the afternoon, I'm usually able to get both babies napping and Gigi occupied in her room for Quiet Play Time for at least an hour.

I'm thankful to have a moment when I can stop and reflect on the day, recover from the craziness of the morning and gear up for the late afternoon (and the potential likely 5 o'clock meltdown).

And when I need to eat my feelings, these sure help. ;)

{this moment} ~ Great-Grandma Edition

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