This is what real community looks like...

My happy place. I'm working my way through a shoulder injury. It's really hard to "rest" a shoulder when you have a nursing 10-month old and a beefy 2-year old.

That little injury has done some good though. It has enabled me to receive some amazing little (and not-so-little) gifts and glimpses of what real community looks like. (Then again, some of these gifts have nothing to do with my shoulder and everything to do with God knitting together His believers into a loving, fellowship of DO-ers of the Word.)

Gifts like a community group potluck that refreshes the tummy and the soul.


Gifts like friends who come over and pull weeds and mulch and build garden fences... when they could be working in their own yard.

Gifts like a sweet friend and neighbor who takes my kids for the afternoon and evening so I can enjoy Opening Day with my hubby (for the first time ever!).

Gifts like a friendly guy wrangling my 2-year old for me from escaping the lunch area at our community meal when I couldn't pick him up.


Gifts like a soul sister friend vacuuming my house... while holding my baby for me. And loading my kids into car seats for me. And lifting my stroller in and out of my car for me whenever she's around.

Gifts like my dad stopping by on a tough day just to help entertain my kids for a bit and break up a day at home for us. And picking up my CSA box for me. And bringing me yummy chips.

Gifts like my husband taking a day off in the midst of a busy week to bear a bit of the physical burden that is parenting these little ones all day. And taking the 2-year old to his yearly well visit. And grocery shopping for me. And bringing me a green tea freddo and a Peet's gift card. (Not all on the same day, but pleasantly spaced out over the last couple of weeks).

Why yes, those are farm fresh eggs going to waste...

So I'm just really grateful, and humbled. Focusing on that today (and not on the eggs I cracked on the floor and the three-hour deep cleaning visit that I had to schedule with the dentist after my cleaning this morning).

God is good.

And look, I blogged! So that's something.

A tool for satisfying the ultimate craving...

It's time to celebrate