What we planned for Mother's Day:

  • church, 1st service, where I would watch a touching slideshow honoring the moms who had babies this year (including me)
  • brunch at my favorite local spot, Swami's Cafe
  • a walk by the beach, or if nice enough, an afternoon at the beach
  • a delicious dinner of rotisserie chicken (from Sprout's), corn, CA salad, and scalloped potatoes

What really happened (the not-so-good):

  • Last night Brody threw up right before we left my brother's house (an hour away from home); he slept fine all night but we opted to stay home from church anyway (plus Hallee has a cold and I have a persisting sore throat).
  • Hallee was up all night (or at least it felt like it). She was bothered (maybe a sore throat, too?) enough to not even nurse at times. My physical therapist urged me not to lay down and nurse her anymore though anyways because of my shoulder so the part of the night spent nursing, I spent part of the night sitting up like a zombie.
  • I awoke to the sound of complete meltdowns from Brody and Hallee and various complaints from Gigi.
  • We stayed home all day, and in fact, I am still in my pajamas at 4:25 pm.
  • It was foggy most of the day (May Gray and June Gloom are my nemesis).

From my crew.

What also really happened (the GOOD):

  • David made me eggs, toast and tea for breakfast. Yum.
  • He played with kids so I could catch up on reading blogs and updating our photos on the computer and family blog.
  • Kids quietly and contentedly watched Mary Poppins.
  • He made me lunch (tuna melts!) and we enjoyed some El Nopalito chips and salsa (THE best).
  • I received Parenthood Season 1 (yay!) and a beautiful art book that the kids will draw/write in every year for me (I requested this and LOVE it).
  • David ran to the store to get the chicken. We're scrapping the potato dish but he's currently putting together my favorite salad ever (see below).
  • Hallee caught up on sleep a bit with 2 great naps. Brody took a marathon nap and kept all his food down today!
  • Gigi picked me flowers from the yard and drew me odd combinations of letters and a drawing.
  • Two days of resting my shoulder means it actually feels better today.

Lessons (re)learned? Finding beauty in the ordinary, blessings amidst the bummers, it's really all about perspective.

I hope Mother's Day treated you sweetly.

Want to try out my favorite salad? It's based on one from a restaurant I worked at in college.



Mix up these items for a delicious California Salad, courtesy of GidgetGoesHome.com.

Lettuce of your choice (red leaf is my favorite)

Sliced red onion

Generous crumbles of goat cheese

Plenty of avocado cubes

A sprinkle of chopped walnuts

{optional} strips of chicken

Top with raspberry vinaigrette (I love Trader Joe's). Enjoy.


P.S. I took a little time today and revamped the blog a bit. If you're in a reader, won't you click over and take a look?

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