Tomato Love

I am so thankful to have family in the shipping industry. :) Once, my aunt and uncle sent us an amazing Trader Joe's care package (on dry ice no less) back when we lived in the TJ's-starved region of Colorado. what could it be?

Now, they've gone over and above by FedExing us...

fresh from Uncle Joe's garden

a box of bounty from my uncle's garden!

YUM, the bounty!

It was such a sweet surprise to come home to this box on our porch. Especially since our garden has basically bombed this year. Thanks, Aunt Laurel and Uncle Joe!

So now, what to do with all these juicy, delicous tomatoes? We brought home a few last time we saw my aunt and uncle so I know how tasty they are. For one thing, I know I'll be enjoying one of my favorite lunches this week...

bagel goodness

That's an onion bagel, cream cheese (or yogurt cheese), sliced toms and lemon-pepper seasoning. It's amazing. This concoction comes from a little place in my college town (not sure if it's stil there), called Bagel Cafe.

I'm sure a few will land in my salads, on a pizza, in some salsa or guacamole, or maybe just eaten with salt and pepper.

There is nothing like a fresh tomato. Ever since I read This Organic Life*, by Joan Gussow, I've been convinced that it's just not worth it to eat those "orange, tomato-like substances" that appear in our supermarkets outside of tomato season. Lucky for us in So Cal, our CSA grows delicious tomatoes in greenhouses even into winter, but I'm basically vowing to avoid non-seasonal tomatoes because they're just not worth it.

A few got squished in transit, but there's no way I'm trashing them. I'll be pureeing them to make something. Maybe some kind of sauce?

I'd love to hear some of your favorite ways to eat tomatoes! Please share any of your recipes or suggestions!!

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