TOMS Shoes: One for One

Can I just say... TOMS Shoes

yes, please!

You may have noticed TOMS Shoes as one of my recommendations over in my sidebar. Well, they are absolutely my favorite shoe company. And I think their new wedge is pretty much the cutest  shoe ever. {Hello, peep-toe, I love you!}

For everyday shoe-wearing, I currently live in either my TOMS or my Rainbows.

For sandals, Rainbows are tops in my book. But for everything else, including loving-the-company-and-philosophy, TOMS is in a class above. The shoes are comfy and cute, and better yet, for every pair of shoe sold, the company gives away a pair to a child in need.


It's amazing really, the one-for-one idea. They're actually projecting that this month, they will give away their millionth pair of shoes. Wow.

Let's just imagine for a minute if there were other companies in the world with a business model like this one. I recently read an interesting article about Glenn Beck vs. Christ. I don't get into politics much or even know much about him or his views, but after reading the article I felt really irked by the mentality, often present even in Christian circles, that eschews a lifestyle/philosophy of giving and social justice because, ultimately, of pride, and the feeling that everything should be earned.

That's just not how Jesus teaches us to live. Over and over, the new testament reveals the idea of giving and of living in community.

Now I support hard work as much as the next mom, and hope I can raise my kids to value it {Col. 3:23}. However, I also want to raise them without a sense of entitlement, but rather with the mindset that recognizes the grace we've been given, and responds to that by showing a charitable heart to those in need.

I love how a simple pair of shoes can make community connections across many borders and socio-economic levels, and make a difference in the life of a child who was predestined, for whatever reason, to live in a poverty-stricken part of the world.

I also love it when a post that started with me simply drooling over a cute pair of shoes transforms itself into something much more meaningful.

new TOMS

I'm honestly not much of a fashionista, but I definitely stand behind having style with a purpose!

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