Tonight at My Place...

My hubby works at a really cool company. He loves his job, which I love. While I'm sure he would love to stay home and play with us, he actually looks forward going to work in the morning, which hasn't always been the case in his career as a working-man. DSC_0038

But he also has a little side job. Just for fun. A couple of times a month, he heads down to Petco Park and gets to sit in the press box and take score of the ball game for a company called STATS, Inc. They record scores at a variety of sporting events, including MLB games, and then sell them (to news reporting agencies, for example).

He's gotten to shake hands with special people and he has a sweet Media Pass. And he gets paid a few bucks to watch baseball and take score. This is basically a dream come true for David.

So what does this mean for me? Well, assuming I make it through dinner and the witching hour and get the kids to bed at a decent time, it means a few hours at home to myself, with the game on in the background of course {I like to know what's going on when he's at the game}.

Here's what's on the docket tonight...


Maybe a picnic dinner in the living room {we'll pretend we're at the beach like last week} and a movie to start things off. Then, once the kids are in bed...

A new skirt or two for a certain little girl's upcoming 4th birthday. {photo source}

A little planning and blog-writing for an awesome upcoming giveaway over on Simple Organic.


And most likely, some dessert. If I can stay awake through all that, maybe I'll tackle one of the millions of books I'm reading right now {it's virtually impossible for me to read just one}.

What do you do when you have a few hours to yourself?

{this moment}

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