too relaxed.

It started so simple. An afternoon bath to pass the time before Daddy got home.

Bath time

Two cute kiddos, who almost always bathe together.

With Daddy.

I preface this story, but saying that I rarely bathe the kids. Bathtime and bedtime are essentially Daddy Time around here, as I clean up a bit or get some work or a project done. I love that they have this sweet routine with their Dad {sweet, until the brush and detangler come out-- I often have to intervene and help out with that-- but that's another story}.

So back to today. A relaxing afternoon bath... that quickly turned... maybe a bit too relaxing it turns out.

Everything was going fine until a little guy starts doing a bit of grunting. Using my speedy ninja skills, I whipped out the Dora potty seat and picked up that wet baby, transferring him to the potty as fast as I could.

But alas, the tub FULL of toys, and a sister, was already polluted, along with a few spots on the bathroom floor.

What ensued, was nothing short of chaos, wet kids, a slippery floor, scooping out of unmentionable elements, collecting of toys, catching a wet, naked, crawling-away baby, a quick soap up and rinse off in the sink, a thorough cleaning of the tub, a subsequent re-bathing of the poor, innocent daughter, and finally, hair drying of said daughter while son cried in his play corral.

{deep breath}

Clean bathtub

I think I'll let Daddy keep his evening bath time rituals. Although I'm not sure when my tub was last this clean, so there's that!

*** Bonus!!

While documenting my clean tub, I thought I'd show you a few of the pretty things in my kids' bathroom, to make up for the poop story, of course.

Water colors by Sharon Quick

First, there are a couple of water color paintings, by one of my favorite artists, Sharon Quick.

Quilted beach scene

And finally, the beautiful quilted beach scene, designed and made by my mom. She was inspired by a cute paper napkin and then designed this wall hanging. So fun.

{this moment}

{this moment}