Up-and-Running Adoption Fundraisers

Update: We are meeting with our agency director on Monday to turn in our family portfolio copies and to wrap up loose ends and make sure we're all on the same page. We'll also be meeting the other social worker that we'll be in contact with from now on. Making more progress! And now, I'm so excited! We officially have two ways to fund-raise for our adoption up and running! Please feel free to share this information with anyone you would like to and to blog/tweet about this as well!

Thanks to a cousin of a friend (gotta love Facebook!) we found out about a really cool organization, called Just Love Coffee, that helps adoptive families raise money through the selling of fair trade coffee. We opened our own virtual store and for each bag of coffee sold, we receive $5. I should be getting my own first bag of their swiss-water-process decaf in a few days!


The second option has been consuming a lot of my mind and time over the last week! I could not have gotten this going without the help of two friends, Pam and Sarah, who have selflessly been helping me gather sweaters, cut, measure and serge like crazy.

hard at work

The three of us have been working hard to put together these awesome Upcycled Sweater Beanies, made out of re-purposed old sweaters. I'm still taking donations to make more if you have any sweaters in your giveaway pile!

I now have a few for sale in my etsy shop and will gradually be adding more. If you have a favorite old sweater you'd like to be made into a cozy, comfy hat, just email me about custom orders!

Next week one of my beanies will be part of an exciting giveaway benefiting a really worthwhile charity {visit Project 320 for a sneak peek}. I only have a few listed in my shop so far, but I have a whole gallery on flickr that you're welcome to check out- just email me if you see one on there that you like to see if it's still available; I'll be adding more daily to the shop. And special thanks to my beautiful, pregnant friend Kelsi for modeling the hats. :)

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