Welcome to 31 Days of Intentional Community

we love because He loved

Happy October!! I'm thrilled (if a little intimidated by the prospect of blogging every day for 31 days again) to be starting this new series. Last year, I wrote about Sewing School on Simple Homemade; this year I will be tackling a very different topic, exploring a life lived intentionally in community.

So first? What I don't mean to talk about...

This is not referring to living in a hippie commune (as fun as that may be) or any kind of organized "intentional community." I realize that that is indeed an actual thing, but I'm just simply using the term to describe a lifestyle inspired by this simple theme:

Love God, Love Others.

31 days of Intentional Community
intentional community button 250.jpg

intentional community button 250.jpg

Thanks for joining me on this journey toward intentional living with those around us! If you have any topics or ideas you'd like us to discuss here this month, I'd love to hear them!

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