Guest post: 3 little things I want my kids to know about me

Editor's note: On many Fridays I like to share 3 little things that I love or are making me happy in one way or another. Today's post is a bit of a twist on that, as you'll see. I'm excited to welcome Katie, founder of Gadanke journals and blogger at Making This Home. Katie and I got to meet years ago at a blog conference and we both write for The Art of Simple. I'm thrilled to have this new mama here sharing her heart with you today.


I want my kids to know about me

When I became a mom, I felt like I was prepared for the physical toll of it (as much as any of us can be!). You hear it over and over – sleep when baby sleeps. Say good-bye to any time to yourself and a clean house.

What I truly didn’t understand was the depth of the emotional experience of becoming a parent brings. The love is something fierce, isn’t it? I would do anything for my son, and my husband and I can’t believe how differently we look at all the aspects of our life these days. Our son’s happiness and wellbeing weigh into everything now.

Our son, Niklas, is 9 months old. When he looks at me, he thinks mom. He doesn’t think of the gal who gave a TEDxTalk about self love or the woman behind the Gadanke writing prompt journals. He just thinks Mom. And I love that!

But fast forward 30 years.


What do you want your kids to know about who you are right now? What do you want them to know about you besides that you’re Mom?

1. You’ll want them to know what you looked like.

When you close your eyes and think of your own parents, do you see them as they are now or as they were? It’s photographs that give us a glimpse back before the wrinkles and graying hair that we’re so familiar with today. If you’re like me, you’re taking all sorts of photos every single day. But I don’t know about you. If I look in my Instagram feed, I see plenty of pictures of my son, my creative projects, and Montana… but I don’t see me. I’m not stepping in front of that camera enough. Are you?

2. You’ll want them to know what made you jump out of bed in the morning.

Yes, the fact that they are up physically requires you to be up out of bed. But what’s deeper than that? I actually made She. – Gadanke's introspective writing prompt journal that addresses this very thing. The She journal helps you explore and document your inner self, your secret wishes, and your hidden hopes. It has easy-open rings to tuck in meaningful letters and photos. It’s a place for documenting who you are and what makes you feel alive.

3. You’ll want them to know how much you loved them.

One thing I remember about my mom is that she always told us, “You are going to have a good day.” Niklas can’t understand me yet, but I tell him this every morning as I lift him from his crib, too. You see, I used to think my mom just meant “You’ll have a good day at school,” but now I know that she meant more. We had her love, and if we fell, she was there to hug us and encourage us. She was our biggest cheerleader, the warmest lap, and a listening ear. Find a phrase that you can tell your kids every day, and slowly make it an encouraging habit.

The title Mom – it really is the best job ever, isn’t it?

If you like the look of the She. journal that Katie mentioned, you might also check out Seeking Grace, which I have, and these sweet mother/daughter (My Mom and Me) and mother/son (Between Mom and Me) journals-- I would love to do them with my kids when they're a bit older. Gadanke journals are unique and special! ~Nicole

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