31 Days of The Life Poetic

Happy October!

The last two Octobers I've done very specific, tangible series for the 31 day writing challenge (one even transformed into an ebook!). This year, I'm taking a bit of a different direction.

the life poetic button.jpg

I honestly don't even know where I'm going with this one, but the phrase-- in all of its Wes Anderson-ness sound-- won't let me be. It's been whispering to me for a while now, and though I'm not a poet, I'm attempting to document the poetry of my life over this next month.

Both words and photography will be my medium this month as I look for bits of beauty and rhythm and grace in my days, and I will also be taking this month to delve deeper into the idea that I am in fact an artist. That applies whether I'm cooking or singing or homeschooling or sewing or writing. All that--  that's what I'm calling the life poetic.

I hope you'll join me on this journey. Consistency has consistently been one of my biggest hurdles with writing. So I'm anticipating that this won't be easy to follow through on. Who knows, some days I just might not be able to make it to the blog; on those days, catch me on Instagram with the hashtag #thelifepoetic.

I'm giving myself grace, while also reminding myself that my word for the year was perseverance after all.  ;)

As the month progresses, I'll update this page with links to all of the posts as a landing page for the series.

31-ish Days of The Life Poetic

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