On May 7th, 2007, we welcomed our miracle baby, our Chiquita, Gianna Brianne, into the world and our family. As she neared her first birthday, we began to think about getting pregnant again. We'd always wanted a big family, and after successfully carrying a pregnancy to term and birthing out a perfect little baby, the naivete set in again as I assumed we were through the difficulties.

After a few months of trying, we conceived only to go in for our ultrasound in April to find that there was no heartbeat. I miscarried around the time of a really special Ladies' Retreat. A year prior my dear friend had been miscarrying at the same retreat, and now here she was with her new little baby this year, comforting me. As I grieved the loss of another pregnancy, I still had hope.

After a summer of infertility appointments, and a million blood tests, we found out that there were no red flags, nothing giving any explanation to losing three pregnancies. We soon started to even wonder about getting pregnant again. After a few rounds of ovulation kits and more progesterone, we finally conceived again, right before our big move back to California.

Then, in February, the week before my birthday, going in for a second-trimester appointment (after seeing the heartbeat a few weeks prior), I was again faced with a baby with no heartbeat. My husband was still working in Colorado and he rushed out to be with me as I went through the procedure to spare me the physical and emotional pain of naturally miscarrying for a fourth time.

To be continued.. and don't worry, this is where the story gets better...

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A Journey of Hope, Part 3

A Journey of Hope