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Where We're At

The last couple months we've been filling out paperwork and running errands like crazy. This week we are finally coming to the end of this part of the adoption process, which you could call the first trimester of the "paper pregnancy." We are finishing up our last item on the list, and then hopefully in the next few weeks we will begin our home study. The home study consists of meeting with a social worker four times and getting our house certified. Those of you who have had a biological child would be amazed at everything we have to do to get "certified" to be parents (again). But that's just how it goes (especially in California!).

My next project is to create a "family portfolio" which is basically a little scrapbook telling about our family. This is what will be shown to birthparents when we are in the waiting stage after our home study is through. During and after our home study is also when we can start applying for grants.

We are so excited to be finally finishing up our paperwork and getting closer to the waiting stage. The average wait time for domestic adoption according to our agency is around a year. Of course, we could get a baby after a month or it could take two years. It's all in the Lord's timing and we will definitely be needing prayers for patience! I'll be putting a button in our sidebar soon that will link to everything adoption related on here. Update: here it is!

I just found this video by way of a great blog I've been recently reading. It's a sweet story and also shows the agency we are using, Bethany Christian Services.

Bethany Christian Services - A Story of Hope from Catalyst on Vimeo.

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