A Summer Cold (lame-o!) and Refashioning T-shirts

I hate being sick in the summer!! It's the worst! I started fighting a cold Saturday night, prayed to make it through my first time singing in our church's worship band on Sunday (God answered those prayers and I was blessed to be able to sing), and started really feeling it that afternoon as we went out to celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary. I have yet to be able to really feel like I could celebrate because I still feel like my head is in a fog/under an anvil. But anyways, I have been blogging in my mind all week (ha!) but have yet to actually break out the computer until today. Terrible colds like this really zap the motivation out of me (that and the crummy gray weather we've been having).

So, enough complaining. If you haven't already, be sure to head over to Simple Organic where I have a post up on "refashioning" t-shirts and other clothes. There are some great comments already and I'd love to read yours as well.

Hope to be back to my healthy, blogging self shortly. After all, I haven't forgotten that I owe you an ice cream recipe and a tutorial!! Both still on the way!

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