The Latest Around Here...

Brody and his ball This week's only half over but already we've had

... a fabulous Father's Day complete with church, a hike, sports (on TV), and good food with my dad and the dad of my kids. :)

... no internet for the first part of the week

... a baby who laughs when you put a rattle in his hand and shake it

... a little girl with a fever and a bit of a stomach bug and lots of movie-watching

... various fun things canceled due to said sickness

... an unusually fussy little boy who's been quite persnickety about his eating at times

... the longest match in Wimbledon history (yeah, I'm more of a tennis watcher than World Cup, but hey, go USA, too!)

... two overdue oil changes that had to be done


It's always ironic when the Lord allows a little forced-downtime during a week when you've planned practically every minute out. Our playdates can be rescheduled, and to be honest, I've been enjoying some time at home, doing a lot of baking and cooking from scratch for one thing, as the girl has laid on the couch.

But I'm glad my spunky little Gigi seems back to herself again. One of the things I was able to do was work on a forthcoming tutorial during her marathon nap today. It's not quite done, but getting there so stay tuned!

We've got dear old friends visiting this weekend, along with a birthday and an anniversary to celebrate. Hope to get my blogging butt back in action soon. In the meantime, see you on Twitter or Facebook. :)

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