Coming in November...


photo by faith goble Happy Halloween!

Tomorrow starts a very exciting month! I'll be participating in NaNoWriMo (and posting updates on Gidget Loves Language), moving back to California, and amidst all that, attempting to make some Christmas gifts (wish me luck!).

For you, readers, I have a special treat up my sleeve in the form of several guest posts! I think you'll really enjoy hearing from these bloggers & friends of mine, on a variety of topics. I plan to keep up with It's the Absolute Ultimate posts on Friday (I'm taking a break today), and possibly some Weekly Surf Spots, although I'm hoping to spend more time novel-writing and less time reading this month, so we'll see.

Thanks for reading Gidget Goes Home, and while I'll be popping in here and there, I'll be back in full force, California-style, in December!

Helping Your Kids Love Food

Helping Your Kids Love Food

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