Kindred Spirits, Part 2


I started this series with a story about how God has brought special friends into my life at just the right time... This has probably happend more times than I can count; in fact, I believe that all of my closest friends were hand-picked by God to be used in my life in some way or another. Sometimes God uses them in subtle ways, other times more overtly.

For some odd reason, some of my most kindred spirits have been girls named Kelly/Kelley/Kelli/Kellie. I'm not kidding about this! Part 1 of this series talked about one Kellie, and here's another.

I met Kelley a few years ago, when my husband joined our church's softball team in Orange County, CA. We happened to start talking in the stands one evening. Oddly enough, it turned out that we both had thoughts of moving to the Denver area, and specifically, Highlands Ranch. We were considering it for a job transfer, Kelley had randomly found it on the internet when searching for places to live outside California.

Neither of us really were sure these moves were going to happen but it spurned the start of conversation, and eventually a friendship. We later found other odd things in common~ we both have February birthdays, and are 8 months older than our husbands, who have October birthdays. Not to mention the fact that it turned out, that semester, her younger sister was in the Spanish class I was teaching.

Fast forward a few years, and here we both are living in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. They've been here a year longer than us, and thanks to Kelley, I've been involved in the most wonderful moms' Bible study since the week we moved here. Now, next month we are going our separate ways, as their family moves east, and ours moves west. But I can't imagine our year in Colorado without Kelley's family. Their friendship has been such an integral part in our being here.

I love looking back a few years, and seeing the way God designed a certain story to unfold. Stay tuned for at least one more Kindred Spirits story.

Coming in November...

Kindred Spirits, Part 1