Delightful snaps from the cutting room floor

Delightful snaps from the cutting room floor

Just felt like sharing a few glimpses of what's been delighting me lately. I've been snapping so many more pictures than I've Instagrammed (especially since we've had some phenomenally warm weather which has me all heart-eyes and praise hands) and I thought it'd be fun to share them here on the blog in 10 on 10 form.

Both girls are playing softball this year, and here they are along with Gigi's best softball buddy. Gigi is on the Camo Chameleons and Hallee is on the Blue Sparkle Bears. ;)

We had a little SuperB owl gathering, complete with chess, and lots of good snacks, of course.

The sun has been shining and the beach has been calling me. These two are so good at playing together that I've even gotten in some reading time. (Reading at the beach is my fave! I have tinted reading glasses ordered, and I'm looking forward to not doubling up my glasses all dorky-like.)

Book club met to discuss The Lake House amidst many good British-inspired treats. More on this book to come in a future post.

Valentine's Day brought our annual community group Valentine's dinner-- one of my favorite traditions. We did a secret valentine exchange and all shared a favorite verse about love from the Bible. <3

My first attempt at sourdough pizza came out quite deliciously! More of my sourdough journey is at #nicolesadventuresinsourdough.

I sent my husband out to play golf with his parents on Valentine's day and I spent the day like this, finishing up The Royal We (which I was sad to finish and can't stop obsessing about).

Me and my mama- on my lovely birthday outing-- riding bikes around Mission Bay. New Dodgers hat courtesy of my hubby-- it came with Coldplay tickets and I'm counting down until August!

Children's Cove in La Jolla. We admired the beautiful water and then walked up the street to enjoy the best gelato ever at Bobboi Natural Gelato. I mean... mmmm....

T-ball has begun as well. Look at Brody hitting the target in the middle there!! He's doing awesome so far, and David is having a better coaching experience the second time around with a slightly-older team. ;)

And just for fun, have you heard of I'll Have What Phil's Having? Tsh from The Art of Simple mentioned it on FB a couple of weeks ago and David and I have been loving traveling the world of food virtually with the very funny Phil Rosenthal. It's on both Netflix and the PBS app/website.

I hope to do more of these little photo recaps of the delightful things going on in my life as this year progresses. And an updating reading post is due up soon, too.  Tell me friends, what are you delighting in lately?

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