3 Little Things {6.17.16} + a little update

3 Little Things {6.17.16} + a little update

Happy Summer!!

We've gone camping twice in the last month, and just last weekend was spent at the beach in San Clemente where we hiked this steep trail down to a beautiful, peaceful spot. I'm sure there's some spiritual lesson there about doing hard work... ;)

I'm finally popping back into this online space after a few month hiatus. It was a crazy semester of school and life and I'm beyond thankful to be in the quieter space of summer break now.

In April, I participated in Camp Nanowrimo, and while I didn't quite make my goal, I felt like it was a great catalyst to getting going on my writing project, and I'm looking forward to writing more this summer. Brody turned six, and we a had a great get-together with his birth family.

In May, Gigi turned nine, and we camped in the mountains with my parents and some friends, which was awesome. A big highlight of the month was going to the Wild + Free homeschooling conference with some of my best girlfriends. I learned a lot and was greatly inspire, and wrote about my experience there on my homeschool blog.

And now, June. Hallee turned five (!!). Our spring birthday season is complete and I can hardly believe I am now the mama of a 9-, 6-, and 5- year old. We are done with school for the year and ready for lots of summer adventures.

A couple more things I've written lately: 

Adventure packs for my wild explorers, in which I share all about my kids bundle of tools and goodies that they carry when we go hiking, exploring, camping, to the beach, etc.

The truth about hospitality, in which I discuss the idea of making room in our hearts for others over on The Art of Simple blog.

It's the Three Little Things

It's been a while since I've posted one these fun posts (but heck, it's been a while since I've posted anything!), so as a reminder, this is a fun series started by my friend Amy of MomAdvice, where we share just a few little things making us happy at the moment.

1. ZestNest

I'm not sure where I first saw this zester-- maybe a magazine?-- but I put it on my wish list and my mama bought it for me for my birthday. It's awesome. I was tired of all my zest being embedded into the grater side of my zester and this one catches it all in a tidy little container. Works great!

2. Saltwater Sandals

I totally had these as a little girl, so they are a throwback for sure. But as I started seeing more and more mamas rocking them, I fell in love, all over again. They don't have a lot of support but are surprisingly comfortable. Next up will be getting some for my girls.

Tip: I soaked mine in water and then let them air dry as I walked around to break them in, and they fit great. Look for the "big kid" sizes to fit women's feet.

3. Aladdin Glass 1-Gallon Mason Jar Dispenser

(I linked to this on Amazon so you can see its details, but quick get yourself to Target to see if there are any left on clearance!) In the last several years it has become hard to find large drink dispensers that aren't plastic. Since I like to sit mine outside to make sun tea, I really want glass, because I don't like to warm food/drink in plastic.

Bonus: I posted this photo on IG and a friend told me that Aladdin is an ethical company, and as I checked out their website I found that they are indeed committed to sustainability and being environmentally responsible.

What's making you happy these days? 

We're going to camp!

Delightful snaps from the cutting room floor

Delightful snaps from the cutting room floor