We're going to camp!

This is the Bennetts we're talking about... don't you mean, going camping? Nope, I mean going to camp!

Do you ever feel like the stars align and things fall into place in an unexpected way? Of course, it's really God's sovereignty sneaking up on you and surprising you with something you didn't even know you needed, something that wasn't even on your radar.

That's how I'm feeling right now. {insert giddiness}

Life can be chaotic. No matter how I try to simplify, the clutter keeps piling up. Super fun days are usually followed by high emotions and crankiness. We absolutely love summer, and try to live it to the fullest, but also, motherhood is tiring, and training little people in the ways of the Lord can be downright exhausting.

So what if the opportunity came to be poured into, both as a family unit, as siblings, and as a husband-and-wife team, in terms of our spiritual walk, our family culture, and well, FUN?

I'll tell you what you do, you jump on that opportunity. You grab it tightly even if that means squeezing every last drop of PTO and more (please, Lord, grant David enough health to work every day until after Thanksgiving!) Yep, you drop everything and you go... to camp!

We'll be heading to Forest Home Family Camp soon, and I couldn't be more thrilled.  We go camping a lot but we have not done anything like this ever as a family! David grew up going to a Christian camp in Northern California but the only time I've ever gone to summer camp is as a youth leader fifteen years ago (to Forest Home actually!).

I'll be sure to share more about it when we return, and in the meantime, you can follow along with me on Instagram, particularly with the hashtag #bennettarsatFoHo, and more generally #foresthomefamilycamp.

Can't wait to see how God uses this experience to grow us closer to Him and to each other.

And one little bonus way that I'm feeling God's love about all this: in early Spring I started a new writing project that is now about a third of the way along, and guess where my setting is in this new book? A summer camp! Can't wait to get some first-hand experience as "camper."

Disclosure: My family has been blessed with this week at Forest Home Family Camp. All opinions and text are mine. {We are ultra-grateful!}

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