Interview your kids for your Christmas card

Interview your kids for your Christmas card

Aren't Christmas cards one of the best parts of the season? Each time we get the mail in December we get excited to see if one of the envelopes will be filled with the smiling faces of our friends or family. When Gigi was a baby, I got the idea from a creative friend to interview my kids and include it with the card. I always get a kick out of my friend Melissa's girls' answers. Once they could talk, I started pulling them aside to ask them a few questions one-on-one.

I've done this in various forms. When they were little, it was just a few questions on the back of our card (like the one up above). Last year, I included a half-slip of paper with an "old-fashioned" note about our year and the interview on the back.

This year, I may expand the interview a bit, but here's what last year's looked like in case you want to start the tradition yourself and you need a starting point to inspire you. I sometimes like insert little bits of my own commentary, which is another cute I idea my friend Melissa does.

2015 Interview with the Bennett Kids

What’s your favorite thing to do?

Gigi (8.5): Play softball, ride bikes, and play with friends.

Brody (5.5): Playing games/pretend.

Hallee (4.5): Play with dolls and Legos, and color.

What’s your least favorite thing to do?

G: Be inside all day with no friends.

B: Playing tag, cleaning my room.

H: Writing questions. (?) And playing with blocks.

Where do you love to hang out?

G: My room, in our culdesac, Yaya & Papa’s house, friends’ houses.

B: At Pizza Port, Legoland, and places where there’s video games.

H: My house, Yaya & Papa’s house, and Legoland.

What was your biggest accomplishment this year?

G: A good softball season (only 2 losses in fall!), finishing my math book.

B: Learning a little skateboarding.

H: Being good. :)

What’s something you want to learn in 2016?

G: Get better at catching, and throw the ball farther.

B: How to skateboard, and other “big kid stuff.”

H: How to read, and how to drive a car. (um, maybe?)

If you could go anywhere, where would you go?

G: Hawaii.

B: Sea World.

H: Disneyland.

What’s your favorite book?

G: The Little House series.

B: Oh Say Can You Say? by Dr. Suess

H: Angelina Ballerina

Who’s going to win the World Series next year?

G: That’s a tricky question… Dodgers!

B: I don’t know… Phillies?

H: Me. (Do you know what the World Series is? No. It’s the baseball championships. Oh! I meant the Dodgers!)

Sadly, their baseball predictions did not come true. Better luck next year! ;)

I can't wait to hear how they answer my questions this year! (If you have any good question ideas, please leave them in the comments!)

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