Día de Pascua


Happy Resurrection Day!

We had a lovely morning yesterday at our church's sunrise service at the beautiful Carlsbad Flower Fields, abloom with colorful ranunculous flowers. I wrote this yesterday but didn't have a chance to publish amidst all the good food and family time (and baseball!)...

I loved the connection our pastor made today with one of the verses out of Luke with the the study our church is doing right now in the book of Ecclesiastes.

"Why do you seek the living among the dead?"

He talked about how in this world, we constantly seek life among death, making idols out of blessings, seeking meaning in our life in things that can't ultimately provide that. As our pastor has been saying lately, God designed this world so that nothing here on earth would give us ultimate satisfaction, fulfillment or even love.

Only in Him do we find our contentment {this is a common refrain around here!}.

Today we celebrate that He is alive, and just the like the eggs we decorate with and search for symbolize...

He brings us new life, today and every day.

Pascua 2010photo from 2009's sunrise service.

Nerd Alert: On a linguistic note, I learned something new today. As we randomly wondered about the etymology of the word Easter, a simple search on wikipedia enlightened us with the fact that the word Easter in our English language comes from pagan Germanic roots, whereas the Greek/Latin (Pascha) version comes from the actual Hebrew for passover (and developed into the modern word in all the romantic languages I studied) I'd much rather use a word that comes originally from the Hebrew instead of from pagan roots! So from now on I think I'll refer to this special day as Resurrection Day, or Pascua (Spanish). ;)

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