supplies First of all. My friend Sarah is so awesome, that upon reading my last blog post, she proceeded to bring me a copy of She & Him's Vol. 1 CD that very night as we met to hang out/volunteer at Fill-a-Belly. Such a fun surprise!

So, on to today.

Some sweet friends came over for a day of muffins, fruit, play time, and some serious crafting! While the girls took out every toy we owned and {mostly} got along famously, the mommies got to work on an adorable Easter craft!

First the muffins... mmmmm.


Made from this recipe, with strawberries and coconut added {oh, and half wheat flour, coconut oil for butter and buttermilk for the milk/vinegar}.


Thanks to a great tutorial from maya*made, we made this super cute felt basket, that will soon be filled with a few goodies for our little sweethearts on Resurrection Day.

so sweet!

pink flower

blue flower

A couple of embellishments were added to Maya's tutorial... embroidery on the handle and an extra piece of felt sewed inside for a little stabilization and color {my friend Stephanie's idea!}.

embroidered handle

felt basket inside

Thanks to Eren for inspiring me to try Maya's tutorial! :)

Día de Pascua

Dance Party