The other day my neighbor and I were talking about how it seemed like it was time to give up on our hopes of a warm summer. All along we kept saying, maybe we'll just have a warm fall since summer has been so cool, but now we have our doubts. That same day, a facebook friend commented that she was giving up on summer ever really arriving and breaking out her boots. It's not that we have a bitter, snowy winter to anticipate or anything, but I did miss the heat, and sure enough, Labor Day has passed, and already things feel... fallish. As in bouquets of sharpened pencils, and yes, cute boots.


So that's what I'm doing too. Breaking out my boots over here at GGH and embracing the new season that's coming on, giving up my beloved summer that we never really had. The irony of a cool summer occurring the year we move back to the beach is not lost on me. I guess it's just another lesson in contentment and God's sovereignty. Call it climate change if you will, but ultimately God is in control of the weather as much as He is in every little detail of my life.

Fall is going to be an exciting time for the blog though, and I wanted to give you, dear readers, a little glimpse into what I have planned for us this season.

cinnamon ice cream

First up, I'm so excited about my new ice cream series. Those of you who follow along on facebook, have heard me mention a few divine-sounding concoctions that have made their way into my ice cream maker lately. This fall I'll be sharing some recipes with you that I have put together featuring various flavors of Spiced Ice Cream. I think of it as the perfect way to transition into fall... the summery-ness of ice cream mixed with all the spices that speak to fallish-ness. We're talking some serious yummy-ness, people.

The other thing I'm really excited about is a series of interviews with some of my eco-crafting/repurposing/refashioning heroes and friends! I can't wait to hear from these clever, crafty women and share their thoughts with you.

Add to this a few giveaways, more repurposing and inspiration, the rest of my encyclopedia, and maybe a couple of tutorials, and you've got the makings of an exciting season of blogging.


In other blog news, I have decided to resurrect one of my old blogs, Gidget Goes Language. From now on, you'll find all my book reviews over there (I have a few in the works), along with all the old posts on language (specifically Spanish), reading, writing, and maybe someday home education.

{These photos are from our recent Labor Day Wknd camping trip in Julian, CA.}

Are you looking forward to fall?

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