I'm over at Simple Organic today talking about reusable tote bags, so I thought I'd offer a silly, special treat over here. A couple of Christmases ago, I made homemade tote bags as gifts, and included with it, this poem.

Ode to a Tote by Nicole Bennett

This bag can be used in a variety of ways…

You could fill it with goodies from Target or TJ’s,

Return from the library with it full of books,

Or home from the market with food to be cooked!

With a towel and some sunscreen, it’s right for the beach,

Stash some toys, pack a sandwich, a drink and a peach.

On a plane, in a car, at the park or the zoo,

It will hold lots of items belonging to you!

However you use it, why I think it’s fantastic,

Is that you’ll be using one less that’s of plastic!

Feel free to use my poem, if you like, just be sure to attribute/link back to me. Thanks!
Head on over to Simple Organic to think outside the grocery bag with me!

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