Silver & Gold, Vol VI

DSC_0017 Silver and Gold is a series where I’m sharing my favorite blogs with you, the old and the new.

This week's edition of Silver and Gold is all about my fellow contributors over on Simple Organic. I say it all the time, but it seriously such an honor to be on a team with these ladies. Most of them I didn't find until I started writing for SO and I remember wondering at that time why I hadn't already been reading these!

Stephanie's blog was one of the first places where I learned about the real/nourishing/traditional food movement. She has a wealth of resources for the Christian mama living a natural life. (She also runs a great new blog called Saving Naturally which is all about saving money while eating/living naturally!)

Katie's blog goes in depth into the real food movement. I've learned so much from her. If you're looking to make-over your eating lifestyle, she's got baby steps to get you going and puts an insane amount of research into everything she writes. I have an exciting giveaway coming up featuring something written by Katie!

This mama, Amy, just welcomed home a new baby! Her blog showcases her passion for natural living and she's got lots of great ideas, tutorials, recipes, etc. Such a goldmine! Plus, she has beautiful artwork on her blog painted by her husband. I love blogs with hand-drawn logos!

Megan is not only a natural-living mom but also a beautiful writer-- she inspires me in both areas! She's a big breastfeeding advocate, loves the Lord, and is very open and honest with her readers which I love.

Eren takes beautiful photos, has great style and there's lots of inspiration to be found on her blog, with many tutorial/DIY posts and lots of great ideas and recipes.

and I can't forget our fearless leader, Katie who is a fabulous editor and writes the majority of the posts over at Simple Organic. She writes great articles and keeps the blog running smoothly. Oh! And she and her husband are raising money for a future adoption, too! <3

Do you have a favorite blog to share in the comments today?

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