Encyclopedia of Me

I've realized that blogs tend to evolve over time, and for me, Gidget Goes Home has really become a personal journal that chronicles life as I experience it, my creativity, my struggles, my research, and inspiration that I find and share. I just came across another one of my fellow Simple Organic contributors whose blog I fell in love with {all of these women are seriously amazing, as are their blogs. I've been wondering how it is that I hadn't found them all before and am thoroughly enjoying them now}. After browsing through Eren's encyclopedia, I decided, why not do my own? Even if it is two and a half years after the original meme began over at Bella Dia.

So starting tomorrow, I'm going to begin the Encyclopedia of Me. Because I don't blog every day, it might take me a while to get through it, but I think it will be a fun little journey.

See you tomorrow for the letter A!

Encyclopedia of Me: A

An Adoption Story