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is for Adoption

Right now, the only word that comes to mind for the letter A has to be adoption. It's a pretty consuming topic around these parts. We think often about our baby that will someday join our family, and try to wait patiently for the Lord's timing. I feel like everywhere we go we see a transracial family where adoption is obvious... it's like when you want to be pregnant and you see pregnant women everywhere, or when someone you know gets a new car and all of a sudden you see that exact car everywhere. It's an exciting time to be sure, with ups and downs and lots of emotions that are new. I'm so thankful that God has put us on this path.

Our timeline...

May 2009: Attended an orientation for Domestic Adoption at Bethany Christian Services

July 2009: Really got cracking on paperwork

October 2009: Finished Paperwork, began working on Family Portfolio, etc.

December 3rd, 2009: Officially certified (finished home study)

January 2009: had our Family Portfolios delivered to the office, officially a waiting family

And the latest steps...

February 2010: Had one of our portfolios sent out to Indiana office (more on this later)

March 2010: started application process for various grants

posing with the last form we mailed to complete our paperwork!

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