His Word in My Heart: January 2010

eph 320 I like to start the year with something that sort of lays a foundation. Last year I picked Joshua 1:8.

I was thinking about faith, as our pastor spoke about it last week, and I was taken back to something God did through a few moms.  They followed His lead and started Project 320, something that turned out BIG, way bigger than they expected.

So, for January, I chose Ephesians 3:20-21. I want the kind of faith that expects great things from God because He is good and in His grace and power He is able to do big things through us. And as we await big things, we want all the glory to be His.

If you want to join in to memorize scripture this year (one verse a month), leave a comment here with your January verse or with a link to your blog post about your verse.

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