His Word in My Heart {+Giveaway}

I have hidden your word in my heart,that I might not sin against you. Psalm 119:11

Memorizing scripture is so important.

I love God's word but am constantly discouraged at how little of it I really know. I want really know more of it, so that I can pray it, apply it to my life and share it with others more effectively.

Last year, I tried my hand at Beth Moore's "1st & 15th Scripture Memory" challenge and, it went great... for about half the year. Looking back at my verses though, the ones I did choose really speak to what I was going through during that time and I really love that.

I'll be honest, 2 verses a month was hard for me. I feel bad saying that, because I want to be able to memorize at least 2 verses month, but that's the truth.

I realized I want to go for quality instead of quantity this year. So I'm going to stick to one verse a month. This doesn't count the verses I'm teaching my daughter (um, Colossians 3:20, moms of toddlers?) or the ones I learn with her through her CBS class or by listening to Seeds of Worship.

This is will be one verse, each month, that I feel the Lord is speaking to my heart.

his word her heart

I want to put it out there if any of you want accountability (because I know I could use some), I'd love to host a little monthly memory verse post here at Gidget Goes Home that will be like a virtual accountability meeting.


It'll go like this:

I'll post my verse for the month with a little bit about why I chose that verse (sometime during the first week of the month starting next month). This month's will be up tomorrow.

You post a link in the comments here to a blog post where you share your verse.

Or, you just leave your verse and any thoughts about it in the comments here on GGH.

We can encourage each other along the way in real life, on facebook or twitter or whatever, but the point is, we strive together to grow closer to God through His word.

How does that sound?

If you are in, leave a comment here.

I will also, as a little incentive, because I feel this is so important, be giving away a handmade monthly memory verse kit to one of you who comments on this post. The winner will get to choose a color scheme for their zipper pouch.

*This giveaway is now closed. Please feel free to join in on memorizing with us at any time, though!*

Christmas Gifts

I'll have some of those for sale in my etsy shop soon for anyone else who is interested in a pretty way to organize your verses. These are a few that I made as Christmas gifts.

I'm excited to keep my verses safe in a little zipper pouch because I feel like when I zip them up in there it symbolizes them being "stored up" in my heart like one version of Psalm 119:11 says.

Christmas Gifts

(I'll leave the comments open for the giveaway until January 31st. Anyone can join later on in our venture any month though. Anything is better than nothing when it comes to memorizing scripture!)

His Word in My Heart: January 2010

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