I'm Back!

My sweet Macbook is back online! As sad as I am to have lost some photos and docs, I'm thankful I had backed up somewhat recently and to be honest I've actually been enjoying re-setting up my computer.

Macs are so fun.

I now have Snow Leopard as the operating system which has some slight differences I see here and there.

A couple things I took from all this:

1. I'm going to back up much more frequently with Time Machine, on a brand new external hard drive that I still need to buy (any recs?).

2. I'm going to upload my photos to flickr & 365 Project and blog about them in a more timely manner (like I used to) so that I have that as a sort of backup, too. I also found a cool tool called Bulkr which helped me download a couple hundred photos that I hadn't backed up but were indeed on flickr.

So here's to more blog posts and more timely uploads. This wasn't supposed to be such a boring post, so I'm just going to end here and start a new one that will be much more fun.

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