Silver and Gold, Vol. I

the artist at work I was a Girl Scout all through elementary school. Were you?

I recently repurposed my Daisy Girl Scout smock as an art apron for my daughter. No use keeping it in the keepsake box when I have an artiste in the house!

I'll never forget the famous song we used to sing {singing in rounds anyone?}...

Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other gold.

Not long ago I started trying to simplify my google reader. This is like torture for me. I tend to spend more time reading blogs than blogging. I love all my subscriptions. But it had to be done, so I unsubscribed from some that didn't have that same appeal to me anymore and reorganized my categories. I really stick to keeping the category featuring the people I know in real life (mostly family blogs) all read, and then I take my time with all the rest.

But then, just recently, I started finding more and more and more inspiring blogs. More along the crafty persuasion these days. I might have a problem. Can. Not. Stop. Subscribing. {Yup, I literally just added one more to the madness.}

All that to say, I thought I'd start sharing my favorites with you. I think I have a blogroll somewhere on this blog but it's probably totally out of date these days. So I'm going to clear it out and as I update it, I'll go ahead and tell you a little about all my favorites. The new ones and the old ones. The silver and the gold. {I'm assuming new is silver and old is gold? That's how I'm going to play it}.

So let's start it out with a gold/silver combo today...

Many of you know that if I had to pick one all-around favorite blog, it would probably be Simple Mom.

Here to the left is a little screen shot I took of her topics {plus I'm always inspired by the design of her blog}. All those topics? Definitely right up my alley.

Plus, Tsh, the author is a totally down-to-earth, godly, crafty, wise woman.

And as it turns out, Tsh is also a woman of incredible talent {she has a book being published in the near future} and vision, which leads me to the silver-ness of this combo.

This year, Tsh launched the Simple Living Media family of blogs. I am honored to be counted as a contributor over on Simple Organic {I'll be back to posting there in June}, and have really fallen in love with that blog thanks to all the other amazing contributors and our great editor, Katie.

The other blogs in the network are equally awesome: Simple Bites, Simple Homeschool and Simple Kids all have some very inspiring posts and writers. She even puts out a weekly newsletter showcasing something from each blog.

See you next time for more faves!

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