That Time of The Month, Part 2

~this post is for women only!~

Those of you who've been here for a while, know that I've been gradually going more au natural-- you might even say green-- in all areas of our family's life.

A while back I posted about a cool company making green products for our special time of the month, ladies. Well, Lunapads is at it again with a nifty new product... in fact, it's one I can't believe hasn't been thought of yet, because it's so brilliant! It's Lunapanties!

If you've tried out their cloth pads, you might agree that the only downfall to them (as with any pads) is their bulkiness. The new Lunapanties are great because they eliminate some of the bulkiness, are super comfy, and I think are cute too, as cute as possible for that time of the month.

Lunapanties {click for more details} are simply a hybrid combination of undies and the cloth Lunapads.

I think they are great to wear for a bit of extra protection along with your DivaCup, which in my opinion is the best combo for an eco-friendly and comfortable period.

Taking care of the Lunapanties (and Lunapads) is simple. As MomMostTraveled mentioned, "When using cloth pads, I just followed the same protocol as when I washed cloth diapers: soak if needed, then wash with regular laundry using a gentle soap."

Sound cool? You can use promo code EcoMom10 for 15% off orders over $50 at! {good thru August '10}

Do you tweet? There's going to be an #ecowed Twitter party for the amazing Luna Panties on May 12th from 10p-11p EST (That's 7pm PST).

Thanks to Lunapads and Green and Clean Blog Tours for the chance to try and review a pair of Lunapanties.

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